JivoChat – enhancing online communication


During the 2 years of collaboration with JivoChat, we have improved the communication to our customers, we are permanently connected to them and we constantly receive their feedback.


Our customers’ opinion is essential to us in assessing both our medical activity, and out medical and administrative team.


We value our customers’ time and we make constant efforts to provide them with the simplest and quickest communication means. JivoChat is an efficient and modern tool that helps us manage the activity of our 10 national centres.


As part of our short-, medium- and long-term strategy, the information collected through JivoChat is a key asset that helps us set part of our strategic and operational goals, considering our position as niche medical service market leader.



We hope that our collaboration with JivoChat will be at least as fruitful in the future, we are very optimistic and we desire a long-term partnership meant to facilitate the communication to our customers.


Laurus Medical Team