Laurus Medical National Clinic Network, a leader in proctology, dermatology and MBST therapy, has expanded its activity to encompass new medical specialties.

With the launching of the new clinics, Laurus Medical diversifies the covered medical specialties with 16 new fields.

In addition to the specialties that consecrated Laurus Medical as one of the key players on the private medical service market in Romania, the new clinic in Bucharest, for instance, covers new fields, such as: cardiology, gynaecology, kinesiotherapy, gastroenterology, nutrition disorders, urology, paediatrics, neurology, functional explorations, medical massage and aesthetic treatments.

Laurus Medical’s development through the supplementation of the outpatient medical service array, as well as the introduction of the day care in the centres, were initiated ever since 2012:

Joseph PrielNoile clinici LaurusMedical reprezinta o expresie a dezvoltarii sanatoase a business-ului nostru. Am investit continuu in ultimii ani in introducerea celor mai noi si moderne tehnologii medicale in domeniile proctologiei, flebologiei si dermatologiei, disponibile pe piata din Romania.

This helped us present our patients with treatment alternatives and medical services that live up to Western standards, while maintaining a balanced price-quality ratio. The diversification of the medical specialties and of the services offered actually was but a natural step in Laurus Medical’s evolution, which we believe will continue in the future”, stated Joseph Priel (Chairman of the Board).

The new clinics offer to the patients’ state-of-the-art medical technologies, such as: cryotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, varicose vein laser treatment, IR photothermal coagulation, rotational field quantum magnetic resonance arthrosis and osteoporosis treatments. Our clinics also offer the newest bone and joint (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis) treatment method – MBST, a technology uniquely available in our country through Laurus Medical. Relying on Magnetic Resonance Therapy, MBST acts on the causes that trigger this disease, while stimulating cell metabolism and the regenerative processes.

Anca-PetcaPe langa calitatea excelenta a serviciilor medicale cautam constant sa aducem valoare adaugata prin facilitatile si beneficiile moderne pe care le oferim pacientilor nostri.

Our new clinics abide by the same principle, so that we have prepared highly advantageous service packages, such as: videocolonoscopy and abdominal ultrasound offered free of charge as part of the proctology treatment packages. And these are but a few of the facilities offered alongside medical services that are partially or fully reimbursed by the territorial Health Insurance Funds.’’, stated Anca Petca, MD, LaurusMedical General Manager.

About LaurusMedical

LaurusMedical, the network of medical clinics that currently holds 10 national branches, is the Romanian medical market player acknowledged as the leader in the fields of proctology, phlebology and dermatology.

LaurusMedical stands apart from the other private medical clinics through the modern approach of the medical clinics, fostered by the state-of-the-art equipment, offering treatment alternatives that do not suppose surgery, hospital admission, medical leaves or bed rest.

Out of our desire to improve our patients’ medical condition and eliminate physical suffering and discomfort, Laurus Medical has introduced, for the first time in Romania, two top techniques at a global level, i.e., EVLT 360° (360° endovenous laser treatment) for the treatment of varicose veins and the MBST Technology (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) for the treatment of joint and osteoporosis disorders.

LaurusMedical’s Management Team

  • General Manager: dr. Anca Maria Petca
  • Chief Executive Officer: Dragos Nitu
  • CFO: Daiana Costin

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Mass Media

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Spokesperson: General Manager Anca Maria Petca, MD
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