Abces Anal

What Is Anal Abscess?

Anal abscess is a purulent collection located in the ano-perianal area.

Anal Abscess Symptoms

The main symptom of anal abscess is sharp pain, associated to a painful swelling in the perianal region, erroneously diagnosed on several occasions as haemorrhoidal thrombosis, accompanied by fever and the alteration of the general health condition. It is a surgical emergency and it requires an emergency visit to the doctor. If postponed, a perianal fistula complication is more than possible.

Perianal Abscess Treatment

Perianal abscess requires an incision and the complete removal of the pus, which can even evolve towards sepsis. Because of the sepsis risk, the anorectal abscess is a surgical emergency, it can be easily solved in outpatient conditions, the incision and drainage of the abscess being performed.

Laurus Medical Clinics offer both a high accuracy diagnosis through computerized anoscopy, and suitable treatments in superficial perianal abscesses, without complications. Moreover, the physician team in Laurus Medical Clinics is made up of surgeons with a vast experience, who care offer prompt and accurate treatment indications for each specific case, including surgical assistance.