Osteoporosis (bone mass loss) may develop in time, without any signs. It leads to the reduction of the bone mass and to the formation of a porous bone mass. Both factors can cause bone fracture. The typical areas that can become fractured are the vertebras, the hips or the wrists. The fractures generally occur without external influences.

OThe World Health Organization (WHO) ranks osteoporosis amongst the 10 most frequent diseases in the world. It is the most frequent bone metabolism disorder.

Standard Treatments:

Various ways to treat osteoporosis are currently available. The therapy rests on 3 pillars: Vitamin D- and calcium-rich diet, regular exercise and treatment with bone rarefaction inhibitors. Osteoporosis is most often diagnosed through Osteodensitometry (DXA), bone density scanning, which is the safest diagnosis method in this field.

If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, a medical treatment is mandatory.

The New Therapy:

MBST® Nuclear Magnetic Resonanceis a new treatment alternative. It uses the physical phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance for therapeutic purposes. The pain caused by osteoporosis simply disappears and the bone mass and density increase.

The physician’s diagnosis is very important for this non-invasive treatment. The physician is the only one who can check if and what kind of therapy can be successfully used.

MBST® Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy generates a natural biophysical stimulation of metabolism. The patients treated with this therapy noticed a significant attenuation of pain and an increase of the bone density and mass. The therapy has no secondary effects and it is painless.

Tesut osos inainte tratament MBSTThe bone before the MBST therapy
Tesut osos dupa tratament MBST The bone after the MBST therapy


An overview of the most important MBST ® Magnetic Resonance Therapy applications requires the careful and responsible professional examination of each individual patient.

For Osteoporosis:

The simultaneous treatment of all affected areas.

Tratament Osteoporoza

For bone metabolism disorders:

The treatment of certain parts of the body (joints, spine, bones) with the conditional osteoporotic fracture device (mostly vertebral fractures), as well as bone and joint blood flow (ankle or wrist) disorders. Your attending physician will give you more detailed guidelines.

Science Facts

The number of deceases amongst women caused by osteoporosis and its consequences is higher than the number of deaths caused by the most frequent malignant diseases (breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer). Approximately 30% of patients suffering from osteoporosis are men. Most osteoporosis complications can be prevented.


Through the early diagnosis of the disease. Through regular and suitable physical exercise. Through individual treatment, based on the specialized assessment of the bone quality and of the risk factors for each patient.

Laurus Medical Centres specialize in the treatment of chronic bone diseases and of other conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis (arthrosis), renal osteodystrophy, Paget’s disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteomalacia, spinal pain syndrome and sports-related injuries of the bones and joints. To treat these conditions, Laurus Medical Clinics apply a unique “4e” method, which relies on an integrated approach concept, using various methods, depending on each specific case, meant to improve the quality of the bones and joints, instead of simply temporarily attenuating the symptoms.

What is new and revolutionary in “4e” and what are its advantages?

The common approach of chronic bone and joint diseases does not generate satisfactory results, despite the introduction of several new osteoporosis drugs and of new materials and techniques used in orthopaedics and in the physical therapy of osteoarthritis.

This is the main reason why such treatment is partial. Thus, the osteoporosis treatment generally is limited to medication, while the treatment of osteoarthritis is limited to physical or orthopaedic therapy meant to temporarily attenuate symptoms, especially pain. The treatment only covers a part of the skeleton, which causes pain, disregarding the fact that the skeleton is an indivisible organ and that positive results may only be obtained by treating it as a whole.

Because the treatment of the bones and cartilages is widely influenced by the biomechanical balance, any change in this balance will inevitably affect the whole skeleton. For instance, the knee osteoarthritis is not just a knee disease, because it causes a biomechanical unbalance that also triggers pathological changes in other joints and bone structures. Hence, the whole skeleton needs to be treated through individual assessments of each patient, the “4e” being the most efficient method.

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How Does It Work?

Based on the individual assessment of each patient, the complication risk, as well as the factors triggering the disease, the treatment is performed through different methods, depending on each specific case. Laurus Medical has developed a special education program, meant to prevent the joint diseases, alongside the individual exercise-at-home “Tae do” routines. If you have a bone problem or desire to prevent further complications, please make an appointment in one of our clinics to have your proper diagnosis and treatment set.

The implementation of the bone quality improvement measures is the best way to prevent osteoporosis. They should be continuously performed, starting an early age, in order to avoid the severe consequences of this disease.