Fistula Perianala

What Is Perianal Fistula?

Perianal Fistula is a tubular communication between the perianal skin, generally at the level where a non-surgically treated or incompletely drained perianal abscess has been spontaneously evacuated and the anal canal.

The discharge consists in mucus that noticeable on the underwear, pus, or even bleeding in some cases, evacuated through small orifices in the skin surrounding the anus. The evolution is periodical with discharge episodes and periods without discharges, falsely perceived by the patient as healing.

The fistula tract needs to be opened completely, so as to allow for a correct drainage. In severe cases, surgical intervention is mandatory.

Laurus Medical Clinics successfully approach this chapter dedicated to the anal and perianal pathology. We use modern radiofrequency equipment, which, because it relies on the principles of electro surgery, achieves a much higher scarring and healing rate as compared to open surgery.

The physician’s experience is essential in the treatment of the perianal fistula. Laurus Medical team is made up of experienced surgeons, with more than 11 years of experience in the NON-SURGICAL treatment of anal and perianal conditions.