Hydroactive therapy in the treatment of venous ulcer and of wounds – a modern concept applied in LaurusMedical Clinics.

Over the past years, renowned specialized clinics have adopted a modern innovating therapeutic concept, also known as the “wet therapy” of the wound, relying on the use of hydroactive dressings. Hydroactive therapy supports and accelerates the normal physiological healing mechanisms (wet environment cell proliferation) through: the prophylaxis of the infection and/or the reduction of the microbial load, the prevention of necrosis or the autolytic debriding of the existing one, the exudate management in order to remove excess secretions and the maintenance of an optimum hydric balance.

LaurusMedical Clinics success in the treatment varicose vein disease and its complications, using the state-of-the-art, modern and non-invasive method – Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy already is of notoriety. Quite often, it helped solve extreme, advanced cases, with the spectacular healing of chronic venous ulcer.

The addition of the German-branded hydroactive dressings, in the treatment of venous ulcer, as an adjuvant therapy, has boosted the venous ulcer success and healing rate, and importantly decreased the treatment period.

Hydroactive therapy does not only involve the use of dressings, it actually is a whole treatment concept, which requires regular visits to the clinic, where the physicians performs disinfection, debriding, surgical would toilet manoeuvres, and then decides on the use of a certain type of hydroactive dressing, which actually completes the therapeutic medical manoeuvres performed. The therapeutic strategy is adapted depending on the local progress, turning towards the wide range of hydroactive dressings.

We also successfully treat other types of chronic wounds, with a major impact, for instance, in patients with diabetic ulcers, where, in many cases, we have managed to prevent the phalanx or even limb amputation.

The UGFS varicose vein treatment is available in the following LaurusMedical Clinics:

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tratament ulcer varicos bacau
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tratament ulcer varicos focsani
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