LaurusMedical Hospital has been accredited, following the assessment of the The National Authority for Quality of Health Management (A.N.M.C.S.) in the second category with recommendations.

  • The first medical centre specializing in the treatment of haemorrhoids and anal fissures in Deva
  • Medical services in the specialty of Gastroenterology, reimbursed by CASHD (FOC: Upper GI Endoscopy with sedation and Colonoscopy with sedation)
  • We hold exclusivity in the MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy for the treatment of arthrosis and osteoporosis, the innovation of the year in Germany (2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 Top-Innovator Award);
  • Due to the state-of-the-art equipment, our patients are treated according to European standards, by a dedicated medical team, weekly joined by Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca gastroenterology, phlebology, urology, general surgery and gynaecology specialists.
  • Call 0254 202 888 to make an appointment for the medical services you need and save the time you would otherwise waste in the hospital waiting rooms!

Services Reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund

Laurus Medical Deva has concluded an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund in Hunedoara for the provision of day care services for the following specialties: general surgery, gastroenterology and dermatology.

No co-payment is charged for any of the medical services contracted with the Health Insurance Fund (CAS).

The approved structures is of 5 day care beds per day for dermatology and venerology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology + 1 AIC bed.

To see the service packages covered by the agreement concluded with the National Health Insurance click here, and to see the fees for the non-reimbursed services, click here.

The admission criteria are available here, the admission requirements are available here, and the hospital release requirements may be viewed here.

Appointments can be made by phone at 0254 202 888, Monday-Friday, 8am – 8pm, and on Saturday between 8am and 1pm, and communications may be sent to the email address

In order to assess the medical services reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund, the satisfaction surveyis available.

Medical Specialties

Haemorrhoid and Anal Fissure Treatment

Rubber-band ligation and IR photothermal coagulation, the golden standard in the treatment of the haemorrhoidal disease.
The procedure is provided as outpatient care, it does not require a medical leave or the interruption of daily activities.

UGFS (Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy)
The treatment also is efficient in the case of larger veins and venous ulcer, it is provided as outpatient care, does not require anaesthesia, and the patients may resume their daily activities.

Clinic specializing in the treatment of gastroenterological disorders, full services, high accuracy investigations. Medical services reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund.
FOC, with a referral note from the Family Physician, provided as day care.
– Upper GI Endoscopy with sedation, biopsy and Helicobacter pylori Testing
– Total colonoscopy with sedation and biopsy
– Abdominal ultrasound

Modern, European-level treatments for all dermatological conditions

– PUVA-UVA phototherapy, acne and psoriasis treatment
– WOOD’S lamp examination for Pytiriasis Versicolor, Localized Vitiligo, Eritrasma, Favus.
– Radiofrequency removal of moles and warts
– Allergy detection with PATCH TESTS
– Cryotherapy, hair loss therapy
– Diagnosis and treatment for the entire Dermatology and Venereology pathology

Modern procedures, complex ultrasounds, quick recovery

– Consultations, investigations and treatments
– Urinary tract, penis, testicle, scrotum ultrasound
– Clinical prostate examination
– Urethral discharge collection
– Cystoscopy with local anaesthesia
– Male sexual dynamics consultations

We provide specialized services and consultations both for directly addressable conditions, and for those requiring surgical interventions in the case of an interdisciplinary medical approach.
· General surgery consultation;
· Minor surgery interventions (sutures, excisions);
· Dressings;
· Biopsy sampling

Magnetic Resonance Therapy exclusively offered in Romania by Laurus Medical, winner of the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 Top-Innovator Award in Germany.
Modern treatment recommended as long-term effect therapy for: arthrosis and osteoporosis, chronic back pain, ligament and tendon conditions, meniscal disorders, post-traumatic conditions (following accidents or sports injuries).
Alleviates pain and supports the natural regeneration of the cartilage, while significantly improving joint mobility and bone health.

Services provided: Consultations and investigations, Complex ultrasounds, vaginal discharge collection, Pap Smear, IUT Fitting/Removal, Contraception and Family Planning.
The visit to the gynaecologist should be part of your routine, and it should happen at least once a year, in order to prevent a number of disorders, some of them very severe. Moreover, in case you notice any genital tract changes, an emergency visit to the specialist is required.

– Consultations;
– Chronic patient monitoring
– Flexibility tests
– Ultrasound.

Internal Medicine services offered: Initial visit, Follow-up visits, EKG interpretation, Blood Pressure Holter fitting and interpreting, EKG Holter fitting and interpreting.
Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal organ conditions in adults.

– Endocrinology investigation;
– Sexology-andrology investigation;
– Endocrine ultrasound (breast/thyroid gland/adrenals/pelvis);
– DEXA interpretation.

Varicose Vein LASER Treatment

tratament varice cu laserFind out more


gastroenterologieFind out more


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cardiologieFind out more

The Medical Team in Deva

Dr. Cristian Toma
Cristian Toma, MD
General Surgery

Consultant General Surgeon
Prof. Dr. Kiss Lorant
Kiss Lorant, MD-PhD
General Surgery

Consultant General Surgeon, laparoscopy competency
Dr. Laurian Stoica
Laurian Stoica, MD
General Surgery

General Surgery Medical Specialist
Dr. Daniel Avram
Daniel Avram, MD
General Surgery

General Surgery Medical Specialist
Dr. Nicola Aleksandar Roicov
Nicola Aleksandar Roicov, MD
Vasculary Surgery

Vasculary Surgery Medical Specialist
Dr. Constantin Belu
Constantin Belu, MD

Consultant Gastroenterologist, internal medicine consultant
Dr. Andrei-Eugen Kis
Andrei-Eugen Kis, MD

Urology Medical Specialist
Dr. Betea Razvan
Betea Razvan, MD
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Medical Specialist
Dr. Carolina Gobjila
Carolina Gobjila, MD

Gynaecology Medical Specialist
Dr. Alexandru Georgian Costea
Alexandru Georgian Costea, MD

Cardiology Medical Specialist
Dr. Ana Alina Gafton
Ana Alina Gafton, MD

Dermatology and Venereology Medical Specialist
Dr. Diana-Raluca Fluieras
Diana-Raluca Fluieras, MD

Dermatology and Venereology Medical Specialist
Dr. Iulia Enachescu
Iulia Enachescu, MD

Endocrinology Medical Specialist
Dr. Grigore Timar
Grigore Timar, MD

Consultant Orthopaedic Traumatologist, arthroscopic surgery competency
Dr. Rares Hedesiu
Rares Hedesiu, MD

Orthopaedics-Traumatology Medical Specialist
Dr. Diana Caprarin
Diana Caprarin, MD
General anaesthesia

AIC Consultant


58C 22 Decembrie st., 3rd floor

Tel./Fax: 0254 202 888

Our Working Hours:
MondayFriday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 1pm. The legal holiday working hours (Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve) will be communicated during the respective periods.

Public transportation means available in the area: line 8, locally.

Parking area: street parking in the vicinity of the building.

Vicinities: Deva County Emergency Hospital, Deva-Hunedoara Pension Fund.

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