What is Upper GI Endoscopy?

Upper GI Endoscopy (UGI) is the investigation that explores the esophagus, the stomach and the first section of the small intestine (duodenum), using a flexible tube called endoscope, in order to diagnose the possible disorders at the level of these organs.

A major advantage of having the Upper GI Endoscopy performed in LaurusMedical’s Cklinics in Bucharest, LaurusMedical Bacau, LaurusMedical Cluj-Napoca, LaurusMedical Deva, LaurusMedical Galati, LaurusMedical Focsani, LaurusMedical Pitesti, LaurusMedical Ploiesti or LaurusMedical Suceava is that the investigation may be carried out on the family physician’s referral only, WITH NO COPAYMENT, based on the agreements that LaurusMedical has signed with the Health Insurance Funds.

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Endoscopic Treatments and Sedation

Certain therapeutical manoeuvres may be carried out during the intervention, such as: biopsy sampling, polyp resection, Helicobacter Pylori testing.

Just as in the case of colonoscopy, analgesics or sedatives may be administered in order to increase the patient’s comfort during the investigation, which will take about 5-7 minutes. In case sedatives are administered, driving is forbidden for 6 hours post-treatment.

Preparation for UGI

The pre-endoscopy preparation is simpler than in the case of colonoscopy, the ingestion of food is disallowed 7 hours prior to the investigation, and the ingestion of liquids is disallowed 2 hours prior to the investigation.