What Is Colon Diverticulosis?

Diverticuli are small pouches on the colonic wall, generally below one centimetre in diameter. They look like glove fingers located on the large intestine wall, practically being weak resistance colonic wall herniations. They generally appear on the left-hand side colon, causing discomfort when they become inflamed. Diverticulitis is similar to an appendicitis.

What Are The Specific Symptoms?

There often is a change in the consistency or frequency of the stools. Bleeding or mucus discharges are also possible. Abdominal pain in the left flank and the left iliac fossa are also frequent.

How Is It Treated?

The fibre-rich diet, which doesn’t allow an extensive rest for the intestine. Anti-inflammatory animas, or, in the case of severe complications, even the surgical resection of the affected colon segment.