Marisce Hemoroidale

What Are Mariscas?

Haemorrhoidal Mariscas are skin tags located around the anal orifice, isolated or multiple, of various sizes, sometimes unnoticed for years. They actually are the consequence of external haemorrhoidal thromboses, leading to the elongation and dilation of the skin, which never regained its tonus and elasticity after the disappearance of the thrombose. In general, they only cause aesthetic, not functional disadvantages.

What Are The Specific Symptoms?

They generally are asymptomatic.

However, they do hinder anal hygiene, they can become inflamed and superinfected, they can cause itching.

How Is It Treated?

  • minute anal hygiene is mandatory;
  • sitz baths after each stool.

In Laurus Medical Clinics, proctologists can remove them under local anaesthesia, in outpatient conditions, using the radiofrequency technology, which offers excellent scarring results.