What Is General Surgery?

General surgery is a specialty dedicates to the diagnosis and treatment of certain disorders of the soft tissue, abdominal wall, digestive tract, breast, veins, thyroid, etc. We provide consultations and specialized services both for directly addressable conditions, and for those requiring surgical interventions in the case of an interdisciplinary medical approach.

General Surgery services offered by Laurus Medical:

  • General surgery consultation;
  • Minor surgery interventions (sutures, excisions);
  • Dressings;
  • Biopsy sampling.

The services are available in the following Laurus Medical Network clinics:

chirurgie generala bucuresti
chirurgie generala bacau
chirurgie generala cluj
chirurgie generala deva
chirurgie generala focsani
chirurgie generala pitesti
chirurgie generala ploiesti