Laurus Medical has concluded strategic partnerships meant to facilitate the patients’ access to high quality services through the full compensation of certain investigations by the Health Insurance Fund, the payment of services that are not compensated by the National Health Insurance Fund in convenient interest-free instalments, through Card Avantaj offered by Credit Europe Bank.

Full Compensation By The National Health Insurance Fund


Pursuant to the agreement concluded with the Health Insurance Funds in various counties, Laurus Medical can provide investigations such as colonoscopy and and upper GI Endoscopy free of charge, with no co-payment in Bucharest, Bacau, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Focsani, Galati, Pitesti, Ploiesti and Suceava. Based on the family doctor’s referral note and the proof of the capacity as insured you can also benefit from specialized consultations in the following specialties:

  • urology, internal medicine, gastroenterology and dermatology in Bucharest
  • gastroenterology in Bacau
  • gastroenterology and dermatology in Cluj-Napoca
  • gastroenterology in Deva
  • gastroenterology in Focsani
  • general surgery and internal medicine in Galati
  • gastroenterology in Pitesti
  • general surgery and gastroenterology in Ploiesti
  • gastroenterology and dermatology in Suceava

Payment in up to 10 instalments

card avantaj

If you are the holder of a Card Avantaj, be it Visa, or Mastercard, you can pay for the medical services in instalments, no interest charged. Additional information on the way in which you can obtain this card, the facilities it offers is available online at and in Credit Europe Bank Romania units.

Colonoscopy can save your life!
Colonoscopy Information Guide

informare colonoscopie

Find an answer to your colonoscopy questions, what it supposes, how you should prepare for it and, most importantly, why it is that you should perform this investigation, what it can disclose on your health condition, all in an information guide developed by Laurus Medical Team, based on their experience of more than 10 years.