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Varicose Vein Disease and the Warm Season

Varicose vein disease is, beyond doubt, very frequent nowadays. The sedentary lifestyle, the office work, the numerous hours spent indoors exert their impact on the evolution and complications of this disease. Even though the main varicose vein cause are the genetic factors, the so-called varicose terrain, characterized through the inheritance of a less elastic tissue, including in the vein walls, this does not mean that measures cannot be taken to prevent the worsening of the disease.
In order to understand the purpose of these measures, one must first grasp the varicose vein disease onset mechanism, which affects the superficial vein system, which is normally not subjected to extensive strain and drains at most 20 percent of the venous blood that returns from the level of the lower limbs towards the heart. When the incompetence, damage of the inner vein valves occurs – the trigger – they are unable to prevent the backflow of the blood flow, which, even though pumped up under the action of the muscles, falls back and becomes trapped at the level of the leg and leads to the varicose vein treatments.