A new haemorrhoid removal technique is called atomizing. The atomizer is a medical device especially designed to atomize the tissue. The term “atomizing haemorrhoids” was coined because haemorrhoids are actually reduced to minute particles into a fine spray, which is immediately vacuumed away. With a special device, haemorrhoids are simply excised or vaporized one or more cell layers at a time.

Haemorrhoids are disintegrated into an aerosol of carbon and water molecules. Using the Atomizer, the tissue is sculpted into a desired shape and smoothness. As a result, the surgeon operates with minimal bleeding, and gets better homeostasis than with traditional electrosurgical techniques. With the Atomizer, the patient gets better postoperative results, and fewer anal tags than with traditional operative techniques.

In the United States, the Ferguson haemorrhoidectomy is considered the gold standard by which most other surgical haemorrhoidectomy techniques are compared.

The results of the haemorrhoid atomizing technique are similar to those of the laser haemorrhoid removal technique, except for the fact that the Atomizer and the Atomization cost much less. In both procedures, lower discomfort, less medication, less constipation, less urinary retention have been noticed, as well as the fact that no hospitalization is required. The complications associated to the use of the atomizer are rare and excellent results are typically obtained. The Atomization haemorrhoid removal technique is only used in Arizona – USA (exclusively).