Candidiasis are acute or subacute mycotic infections (more rarely chronic), caused by species of fungi in the Candida genus, located on the skin, nails or mucous membranes (mouth, digestive tract, vagina, bronchi, lungs). The medium is the basic trigger on the onset of the manifestations caused by the mycotic infection.

Cutaneous and mucosal candidiasis represent approximately 25% of the total mycotic infections, they are widely spread and encountered in people of all ages.

Key Clinical Symptoms and Signs:

  • injuries;
  • creamy white deposits at the level of the injuries;
  • injuries are accompanied by itching and the burning sensation.


The general treatment principles consist in the treatment and/or elimination of the favouring factors, if they can be identified: diabetes, antibiotic and immunosuppressant treatments, etc. Systemic treatment is recommended in cutaneous and mucosal candidiasis and in candida-induced sepsis. In the other cases, the local treatment may be sufficient.

The outpatient treatment is suitable for all forms of candidiasis without complications.

The dermatological conditions most frequently treated in the Laurus Medical network are: