Scabies is a contagious skin condition, caused by Sarcoptes scabie varietas hominis.

The infection source is the infected person. It can occur at any age and the incidence is equal between genders. The contamination occurs either by direct (frequently sexual) or indirect contact (the use of infected underwear or bed linen).

Factors contributing to the expansion of epidemics: sexual libertinism, tourism, insufficient personal and clothing hygiene, promiscuity.

Key Clinical Symptoms and Signs:

  • symmetrically distributed skin rash;
  • predilect areas: interdigital spaces, flexor side of the radiocarpal joint, anterior side of the armpit, peri-nipple area, periumbilical region, waist area, scrotum, penile sheath, intergluteal cleft, knees, exterior of the legs;
  • regions generally affected in adult: back, face, scalp, palms, sole.


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