Verruca Vulgaris are the clinical manifestation of an active skin infection with certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Verruca Vulgaris are highly contagious. Transmission is favoured by microtraumas, the frequentation of swimming pools (plantar wart). Sometimes they may spontaneously reverse.

Clinical diagnosis:

Plantar warts: present 2 clinical aspects:

  • deep endophytic warts – disk-shaped lesions surrounded by a white-surface keratosis ring with black painful punctiform injuries;
  • mosaic wart – generally several superficial verrucae, grouped in a whitish keratosic plaque.


Verruca vulgaris: located on the back of the hands, palms, etc.

  • they appear as sessile exophytic lesions sessile with the surface crossed by keratosic villi and scales;
  • periungual locations can cause ungual dystrophies.

Filiform warts: generally located on the cephalic extremity.

Flat warts: generally located on the face, on the back of the hand, under the form of small yellow-colored bumps, with a smooth surface, often in a linear arrangement.

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