It is much easier to learn how to be a good parent under the guidance of a paediatrician.

The birth of a child is a great reason of joy for any family. At the same time, however, it also triggers important daily life changes. Apart from the immense joy it brings, a newborn also supposes a number of responsibilities that can be quite a challenge, especially in the beginning. Starting from breastfeeding, which is a technique that must be learnt, or, as the case may be, formula feeding, continuing with the diversification, the monitoring of the growth and development parameters, the bathing and the massage, all these things, which initially seem quite impossible, are easier to cope with if you call LaurusMedical specialists, experienced paediatricians, who will accompany every step of the way in your new parenting job.

A mother often has to cope with difficult situations: fever, diarrhea, vomiting… Your child has been coughing for months and won’t stop? The chronic treatments prescribed and administered for months don’t work? The safety of a competent medical approach offered by LaurusMedical Clinic paediatricians will help you cope will that more easily.

Even in the absence of serious medical conditions, in order to develop properly, a child needs the medical follow-up and advise of a competent paediatrician who monitors their development and timely identifies potential problems. LaurusMedical paediatricians can offer that.

When should I vaccinate my child? What product should I choose? Where should I have the vaccine done? LaurusMedical paediatricians can answer all those questions, give you the best advice and administer the vaccine according to the WHO vaccination Calendar, to the national and international recommendations.

Is nasopharyngeal aspiration required if the child has a cold? Why wait on corridors when you can benefit from the services of LaurusMedical Clinic paediatricians?


To conclude, for better or for worse, to follow-up on growth progress and for information or cure, for nutrition/diet advice or for a professional consultation, LaurusMedical Clinic paediatricians are at your disposal.