Categories of population to whom diabetes tests are recommended – (risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus).

The tests are recommended to all adults with a level of extra weight (BMI>=25kg/m2) with additional risk factors:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1st degree relatives suffering from diabetes;
  • women who gave birth to children above 4000g or who were diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes;
  • patients with known high blood pressure (TA>=140/90mmHg or on hypertension treatment);
  • dyslipidemia: HDL cholesterol <35mg>250mg/dl;
  • women suffering from the polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • glycated hemoglobin >=5,7% or glycaemia > 100mg/dl in the previous tests;
  • history of cardiovascular diseases.

In the absence of the above, the tests should start at the age of 45.

If the test results are normal, it is recommended to resume the tests after 3 years or more frequently, depending on the associated risk.